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Lem " happines "iTSiTunes (US) (JP)
Lem " put a lem in your pocket "iTSiTunes (US) (JP)
Lem " Loosing Summer Set "iTSiTunes (US) (JP)
CLAMS "Sakura River"iTSiTunes (US) (JP)

Tabion (Tabi = Trip, On = sounds, music)

Tabion's new project. Tabi-On (Tabi = Trip, On = sounds, music)
"Tabon" is the music that I made with only nature,culture, people and thier footsteps that I taped in the each land.At first, I make it in 47 Japanese Metropolis and districts I'm living.It's finished recording, and editing now. (a recording period; 4.Sep.2007-10.Nov.2007)I'm going to announce it as an album of 47 pieces of collecting.The completion is planned in 2008.

2007.08.28 Ajisaikippu-de "what I can tell to you first"

what I can tell to you first
The everyday's Tender Floating Sounds

This is Ajisaikippu-de's second album. Their sense that they create POP sound with "everyday's psychedelic moment"is much better. This is the very addictive album. You can listen warm melody, and feel like a ticket to another vain and dangerous world.

(SHOP LINK:towerrecordstower records HMVHMV

2007.07.03 Lem "happiness"

"The Music of a day's beginning and end, keep on happiness..."

Lem is Goro Tanaka's unit, who lives in Fukuoka. This is the long expected 2nd album. It is soft and comfortable music,and he has good POP sense. The tunes which are united instruments and electronica immpress on listeners fully. Lem's sound is evolving through playing with Rei Harakami,Shugo Tokumaru and other artists.

Present!! The Paper of Lem's favorite Disk Reviews



Ajisaikippu-de "but not for me"
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Hot Fudge Sundae "Soda Float Splash" (Galaxie 500 #Fairy) - Best 10 of CRJ-Tokyo ranking.

sonmi "Parallel Lines Are Bad" (Galaxie 500 #Fairy) - Best 1 of CRJ-Fukuoka ranking.


V.A."Galaxie 500 #Fairy" Release on June 21
Label Mail Order (SOLD OUT) , HMV(has English Page),, tower records
4 bonjour's parties, Ajisaikippu-de, amato, drawing4-5, Half Set, Hiroaki Asai, Hot Fudge Sundae, Ulor, Leander, Lem, muffin, RUMSKIB, Sonmi ... 13 songs.
(MIX mp3)