V.A. – sonido uzumaki オムニバス「ソニド ウズマキ」


東京で催されていたアートショーのためのサントラ的コンピレーション。(ショーはfriends with you 、mumbleboy、 julian gattoyによるもの。)

a bunch of friends to music related are getting togeather and having a group art show in tokyo this spring. so we decided to help out, and have put togeather this compilation for the show! the show will be by: friends with you ,mumbleboy , and julian gatto . its a fairly big departure style wise from music related’s general feel. but when you get right down to it, we just love music. and there is a great colletion of artists from all over the world, and styles on this comp.

track list:
phofo – adeos polder (apogee)
yacht – house boats are for losers
lem jay – my friend joel
YMCK – pastel candy wa akuma no sasayaki
marxy – intro to rock
kiiiiiii! – kiiiiiii!!!!!!!
e*rock – mumble bump b
shugo tokumaru – tears below the freezing point
pandacrash – run run
red colour cat- red colour cat
messer fur frau muller – karate feelings
dim dim – twirl
digiki – wiki wifi
crusher – hunting little bears
midori hamada – silver apples of the moon
mikemi tablets – shalala
lullatone – soothing sounds for puppies